Cleaner Rooms give you Happier Kids

We need a huge, huge storage space in kids’ rooms. Cluttered study table is a big distraction and energy sucker.

Make sure you have no shelves placed on the study table, and minimum shelves around it. Put shelves and baskets under the table, where your child can’t see them while studying. When choosing furniture, get beds that have drawers under them instead of stuck traditional box beds. Have a specified corner for toys and games, kids’ interest, relaxed study, and focussed study. This gives variety to the room and the environment keeps changing.

Avoid too bright or too muted décor and paints-they are a source of distraction and boredom. Make the study room as sparse as possible if your child has a hard time focusing on the task at hand. Avoid hanging a lot of posters and jazzy wallpapers.

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