a legacy of upliftment through art

Art is known to have supported human race-financially, socially, and mentally. Even before language came into being, man would communicate his feelings through art done in caves, on tree barks and tablets, which indicates art having therapeutic and communicative abilities. 

At Harjot Kaur Art Foundation, we strive to harness this powerful innate capability that art has, to engage people of various ages and walk of life, to contribute to their lives, and to improve their well-being. 

We adopt a three-pronged approach to achieve this:

  1. We work on children with art therapy and art facilitation, to improve their mental well-being. 
  2. We train women with limited abilities, in arts that can be their source of livelihood and financial improvement
  3. We enable children to attend schools by supporting them in collaborations with NGOs and schools in terms of donating fees, school supplies, and taking coaching classes at reduced or even free.
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