Is Your Staircase Child Friendly?

How safe are your stairs for your kids? Answering this question could be tricky for some, we don’t know how to upgrade our stairs so they are safer for babies and kids. 

We wont have the luxury to re-construct all the time…! So lets find out ways to refine our old staircase to suit kids more.

  1. Treat railings and banisters with utmost importance. Should be on both sides. We would typically leave out railings on the side that touches the wall. When kids lean on walls and climb stairs, they wouldn’t have anything to hold on, thus increasing the accident risks.
  2. Check hardware and height regularly, hardware wears off pretty soon with rust, moisture, and use, making them weak, and children outgrow railing heights, increasing chances of falling over them.
  3. Make sure the railing design is rounded and well-knit. Gaps through the design increase chances of children falling off through them. Children also have a tendency to drop toys from railings, potentially harmful to people standing below. Also, the designs on railings should be checked of any sharp edges and rough corners. Using beautiful acrylic meshes on the inside of the railing could save you from disasters.
  4. Use carpets on the stairs. Full length and full width, covering the entire stairs and every step of it largely reduces the risk of hurt. The thicker the carpet, the better the safety.
  5. Installing stair gates is a brilliant idea, there is a catch, however. Teach your elder kids to be mindful of closing the door behind them each time they use it. Automatic gates would be harmful because babies following elder siblings could get stuck. Sliding doors are a better choice.
  6. Choose hardware that can be used with one hand because carrying stuff up and down the stairs would make it difficult for you to close the door every time after you with handsful.

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